Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide children with a healthy, safe, varied, and stimulating environment to meet their individual needs so that they can grow socially, physically, and intellectually.


Our Curriculum


Language Development

  1.  Expresses self using words and expanded sentences

  2.  Understands and follows oral directions

  3. Actively participates in conversation

  4. Enjoys the value of reading

  5. Comprehends and interprets meaning from books and other texts.

  6. Writes letters and words.

  7. Recognizes names and other site words.

Cognitive Development

  1.  Observes objects and events with curiosity.

  2. Approaches problems with flexibility.

  3. Shows persistence in approaching tasks.

  4. Applies knowledge or experience to a new context.

  5. Classifies objects.

  6. Compares/measures.

  7. Arranges objects in a series.

  8. Recognizes patterns and can repeat them.

  9. Shows awareness of sequences.

  10. Shows awareness of position in space.

  11. Uses one-to-one correspondence.

  12. Uses numbers and counting.

  13. Takes on pretend roles.

  14. Makes believe with objects.

  15. Makes and interprets representations.

Motor Development

  1. Controls small muscles in hands.

  2. Coordinates eye-hand movement.

  3. Uses tools for writing and drawing.

  4. Experiences sensory play to recognize textures and/or shapes.

  5. Strength and steady uses of scissors.

  6. Exploring color, shape, and movement of art.

  7. Explores various art medium:  paper, tape, glue, stencils, cardboard, paper, etc.

  8. Expresses meaning/feeling through art.

  9. Uses muscles in fingers to manipulate material in hand.

  10. Shows balance while moving.

  11. Climbs up and down.

Social/Emotional Development

  1. Recognizes own feelings and manages them appropriately.

  2. Demonstrates self-direction and independence.

  3. Takes responsibility for own well-being.

  4. Plays well with other children.

  5. Recognizes the feelings of others and responds appropriately.

  6. Shares and respects the rights of others.

  7. Uses thinking skills to resolve conflicts.

  8. Parallel play: playing next to another child.

  9. Cooperative play: playing with one other child.

  10. Group play:  playing with two or more children.

  11. Displays an emerging sense of humor.


Contact information:



Kathy Patterson-Director

Beth Smith-Assistant Director


   (217) 367-0842  -   ccdc304race@gmail.com  -   304 S. Race St. Urbana, Illinois 61801